Friday, August 15, 2008

Watch Watchmen!!

I know it's not really an advertising topic, but the movie version of Watchmen is coming out and the online marketing so far is fantastic! The movie (for those of you not familiar with it) is based on the groundbreaking graphic novel that many people consider to be the best piece of literary success to come from the comic book industry in the last 40 years, and possibly ever.

The film will be amazing, based on the trailer that I've seen, but what I think is smart are the series of video journals that are online and available for you to view. Check them out and see what all the buzz is about.

The viral nature of the brand is lending to the success, but the studio is doing a great job of providing the kinds of content and insider information that we want to see. We already know the story, so what is interesting to people like me is how well they adapt it to the screen. Many people have said that this story is un-filmable, but this type of seeding is proving them wrong.

Have fun!

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