Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Company To Watch: The BONUS ISSUE

I have been posting LOTS of companies to watch that we gathered from the Stanford Always On! Summit earlier this month and I realized that we have a bunch more, so here you are!!!

Company: LogMeIn
Contact: Conan Reidy - VP Business Dev
About: LogMeIn, Inc. was established in 2003 by the creators of RemotelyAnywhere, the award-winning remote control and administration software. The company develops and markets innovative remote access, productivity, management and security products that serve mobile professionals and system administrators with a suite of SSL, TLS and SSH-encrypted products. LogMeIn offers two free services and seven paid services, which can cost up to $1,900 a year. Users of the free services can access a device's desktop, files, applications and network resources. Paid services offer IT service providers more specialized support for networks and LANs. LogMeIn's customers include 3M, AMD and IBM. In December 2007, the company made a deal with Intel to develop a remote connectivity service for Intel computers. LogMeIn was formed in 2003 and filed to go public in January 2008.

Company: Wyndstorm
Contact: Marian Sabety – CEO
About: Wyndstorm Corporation provides end-to-end social network technology and online marketing services. They design, build and host social media, multi-user gaming, online entertainment, and ecommerce Web properties. Utilizing pre-built and custom applications, the company provides Web 2.0 technologies for online destinations with 2.5D virtual platforms, advergaming, interactive entertainment, and social network-based viral marketing opportunities. Wyndstorm Corporation trades on OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol WYND

Company: LiveOps
Contact: Maynard Webb – CEO
About: LiveOps offers web based management of more than 10,000 home based telephone workers. Their service operates as a performance based auction, routing incoming calls to the best performing worker available. LiveOps operates the world’s largest virtual call center, providing the solution complete with on-demand applications and home agents. LiveOps on-demand call center applications provide an enterprise-scale virtual call center infrastructure, while its network of 20,000 experienced home agents provide customer service.

Company: Greenplum
Contact: Bill Cook – CEO
About: Greenplum creates an open source powered business intelligence database. Bizgres is the open source community that is promoted as the free version of Greenplum. Re-formed in 2003 out of what use to be Metapa and Didera, Greenplum is a database system company focused on data warehousing and open source. They recruit technical and business employees from large-scale computing entities such as Amazon, eBay, Salesforce, Digital Island/Sandpiper Networks and HPTI.

Company: rPath
Contact: Billy Marshall – CEO
About: rPath’s technology simplifies the distribution and consumption of applications via virtual appliances and cloud computing and enables sustainable appliance lifecycle management. rPath’s rBuilder® and the rPath® Appliance Platform transform applications into virtual appliances. Only rPath’s technology produces appliances in multiple virtual machine formats, simplifies application distribution, and lowers the customer service costs of maintenance and management. Virtual appliances simplify server applications by eliminating the hassles of installation, configuration and maintenance. Appliances built with rPath technology run in any virtual environment, such as VMware’s Virtual Infrastructure or Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud.

Company: Connectbeam
Contact: Puneet Gupta - CEO
About: Connectbeam provides enterprise software for the global business environment of the 21st century. The company has received attention from the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and many other blogs, and Gartner and other analyst firms. Connectbeam brings the 'Web 2.0' information-sharing, collaboration, and ease of use of sites like MySpace and to the daily work-flow of enterprise employees. It helps companies boost innovation, improve decisions, intensify collaboration, and build critical stakeholder relationships. Connectbeam was founded by experienced entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the enterprise software market. The company is venture backed and privately held.

Company: RightScale
Contact: Michael Crandell - CEO
About: RightScale provides a platform and consulting services that enable companies to create scalable web solutions running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that are reliable, easy to manage, and cost less. The RightScale Dashboard saves time in maintaining, managing, and monitoring all AWS activities, while RightGrid coordinates the auto-scaling of servers according to usage load. The RightScript and RightImage libraries provides pre-built installation templates for common software stacks, and RightScale DeltaSets make it easy to customize and manage modifications to machine images. Together with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) — RightScale enables a next-generation platform for deploying highly scalable web applications. RightScale is based in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.

Company: Truviso
Contact: Michael Franklin – Founder
About: Truviso continuously analyzes massive volumes of dynamic information— providing comprehensive visibility and actionable insights for any event, opportunity or trend on-demand. Truviso's solutions deliver timely insights and context for net-centric, inter-connected businesses who need to understand and act on continuous, rapidly changing data generated within dynamic, networked interactions. Truviso is based on almost a decade of seminal research and is designed from the ground-up for the net-centric world of constantly evolving information, customer, partner and business interactions where traditional approaches cannot keep-up.

Company: HiveLive
Contact: John Hembel – CEO
About: HiveLive is a B2B social networking application provider offering standard features like wikis, blogs, forums, and user profiles. It improves the power of these tools by allowing users in the network to create “Hives”, which are blocks of users who choose to restrict access to a particular application amongst selected members in their network. For instance, a project team inside a company network may join a wiki restricted to a Hive of team members. Friends with a shared common interest may form a form a forum Hive to discuss their interests. HiveLive’s targeted customer base is companies looking to build communities with their customers, employees, or partners. It competes with other social networking application providers like Ning and OneSite.

Company: NanoChip
Contact: Gordon R. Knight - CEO
About: Founded in 1996 by Tom Rust, Nanochip is a fabless semiconductor company that is developing a range of removable storage chips that can be used in consumer electronics products such as digital cameras, cell phones, PDA's, etc. as well as laptop computers and fast servers. The storage chips that are in development at Nanochip are based upon the technology of writing domains in phase-change media with current passed through an array of atomic force probe tips in contact with the media. Either the media or the tip array can be moved with micro-mechanical (MEMs) movers to write, read, and erase bits on the media that are in the range of 10 to 20 nanometers in size. The benefit of the Nanochip technology is that their storage chips are not dependent on the limits of lithography. The recorded bits are defined by the tip/media interface, whereas the chip itself is made with older and much less expensive lithography tools.

Company: Networks in Motion
Contact: Doug Antone - CEOAbout: Networks In Motion, Inc. provides wireless navigation solutions for GPS-enabled mobile phones. It offers AtlasBook, which provides location-enabled tools, including visibility into field activity, two-way communications, and exchange of data. The company offers deployment of mapping, directional, and other location-based services to wireless carriers and enterprise customers, as well as mobile workers, families, and individuals. Networks In Motion, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California.

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