Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Company To Watch: ReQall

Website: http://www.reqall.com/

Contact: Sunil Vemuri - CPO

About: ReQall is a software program created by Qtech Inc. ReQall is a free task- and time-management application that integrates mobile devices (via voice messaging) with email, web, text messaging, IM, online calendars and RSS feeds to create a unified memory tool. ReQall faces some competition as there seems to be more and more applications and services popping up that marry voice, text and internet. What makes ReQall different is that it allows multiple inputs--not just text--and outputs for your lists. You can speak your items to the ReQall phone number, put them on the Web site or widget, or connect via text message or instant message (that's new) and there’s also a new iPhone interface. The service acts as both a storehouse for your items and as a reminder service. There's still no visible monetization scheme for ReQall. In the future, premium accounts may get more access to voice transcription services.

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