Monday, August 25, 2008

NBC’s No-lympics

I have to agree with Techcrunch’s assessment of the NBC Olympics coverage. They came up way short. I was trying to go online to view supplementary content from the Olympics and I couldn't’t. It took me 30 minutes to find Michael Phelps content the night he beat Cavic by a fingernail and I never was successful on NBC. I found it in 10 seconds on YouTube.
The TV coverage was OK, but not great. I was promised that I could watch wrestling and decathlon and all the other sports of interest but it seemed to be all swimming and gymnastics all the time. They were great stories of course, but not the experience I was promised.

NBC definitely missed the boat and the fact that they only estimated to receive $5.75 million in revenue from what is supposed to be the largest global event is a poor, poor showing.

I can understand why the NCAA tourney gets more revenue - they fuel gambling. I didn't see too many Olympics-pools in the offices that I visited the last two weeks, but that is still no excuse.

I hope they get it on the next go-round. They have 4 years to figure it out!

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