Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Company To Watch: Red Bubble

Company: RedBubble


Contact: Martin Hosking – CEO

About: RedBubble is an online art gallery and creative community where artists can upload and sell their art to a global audience of buyers. Almost as importantly, RedBubble also enables artists to receive comments and feedback on their work. RedBubble started out in Australia, but now attracts users from around the world. More than 120,000 items have been sold through the site to buyers in 71 countries over the past year. RedBubble provides a platform for artists to monetize their work. An artist from a t-shirt designer to an illustrator can sell his or her design to a customer who can have it printed on a t-shirt, framed, etc. using RedBubble's global production and distribution network. The artist determines the price for their work beyond the base price charged by RedBubble to print, frame or reproduce the artwork. RedBubble was an official nominee for a Webby Award in 2008.

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