Monday, August 18, 2008

Company To Watch: Pulse Link

I just finished reading through the documents and reports and information that I gathered as a result of the Stanford Always On! Summit from a couple of weeks ago (sorry - it's been a little crazy around the office). I wanted to start highlighting some of these companies for you to read about so over the next couple of days you'll be seeing some short synopsis of companies to watch.

Have fun!

Company: Pulse Link


Contact: Bruce Watkins – CEO

About: Pulse-Link has developed technology to allow HDTV streams to be carried on coax cables, telephone lines and most notably wirelessly. With the R&D complete, Pulse-Link's biggest challenge lays ahead of them as they look to get their chips adopted in the marketplace. Pulse-Link has taken strides in that direction, recently partnering with Westinghouse Digital, the 5th largest maker of flat-panel LCD TVs, who will roll out TV's equipped with Pulse-Link's chips later this year. The first fully equipped sets are aimed at commercial customers (i.e. bars & restaurants) and will make their way into the home as the technology becomes cheaper.

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