Friday, April 4, 2008

The Round Up!

Ever feel like you're "not in the know". That's because you're not cool. I know the feeling because I am not cool. I actually gave up trying to be cool a few years ago and embraced my old-school sense of geektitude (yes - that's now officially a word).

Most people are not cool, especially those of us in marketing, so I felt the need to display a list of some of the cool sites and services I've run into over the last few weeks and I want to call it The Round-Up. I've never been to a rodeo, but the term works, so lets go with it. Not too much information, just a list of brands and sites you should spend some time with!

Check out Dopplr; for the traveler who can't stand to be alone.
FlyPaper; for that friend of yours who is way to good at powerpoint.
BaseCamp makes collaborating an efficient process.
Have you found a great candidate who would be great for someone else? Trade them on JobScore. I think this is the favorite of recruiters.
Thats enough for now. Back to work... gotta find more cool s@#$!

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