Wednesday, April 30, 2008

iPhone - Great Product, Horrible Pricing Model

They have now done it 2x, and those of us who are loyal to the product but unlucky keep getting screwed. Apple has announced that they will cut prices and give rebates on new iPhone purchases, including the new 3G models. I originally bought the 4GB version, which they discontinued and then they cut the price on the 8GB. I recently upgraded to the 16GB, and now they are going to reduce the price on the 3G version.

If you work at Apple you can run my account and see that I pay a ridiculous amount of money to your company, and yet I keep getting "shafted" on the iPhone.

I thought Apple was a consumer-focused company?

I understand the marketing rationale for doing so; they want users to buy the phone and keep it on the AT&T network (the price cut can happen via plan purchases and ONLY in the AT&T stores, not the Apple stores). That being said, why do they keep slapping their core fans in the face? I have bought 18 ipods over the years, some for me and some for others. I spend money every month on iTunes and i have bought 4 iphones (2 were gifts for other people). What will it take for them to hook me up for once, or at least not screw me over on the rebates? I mean, really?

OK - maybe I sound a little bitter, but i also just dropped my 3rd call of the day on my fancy iPhone and its amazing AT&T service (more bars in what places?).

Well - at least I can still listen to the new MudCrutch album (which I of course pre-ordered on iTunes and paid extra for).

Maybe I should switch to BlackBerry.

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