Friday, April 25, 2008

Round, Round, Round It Up – Volume 3

Web 2.0 was this week, in the wake of AdTech and just before the craziness that is Digital Hollywood and iMedia. Geez – for a maturing business we sure do have a lot of conferences! In between all the meetings, or maybe in spite of them, we were able to find some really cool sites, tools, products and services and we get to share them with all of you!

KWIRY ( Kwiry is this kurious little tool that allows you to text yourself little reminders and access them online, further supplementing your reminders with more information like web links and search results. They presented at the “Under The Radar” conference and won Audience and Judges Choice (which probably means they’re no longer Under The Radar). The promise from Kwiry is that you’ll “stop forgetting”. Hey… what are we talking about? I don’t remember.

RADIOHEAD NUDE REMIXES: If you go into iTunes or visit the Radiohead website, you’ll see and hear about their inventive plan to let you buy the single “Nude” which gives you every track in its singular form and a tool to let you create your very own remixes of the song and share them online. Radiohead are one of the greatest artists on the planet and they are single-handedly trying to kill the record industry. Hear hear! Rock on! Check out what they are up to by searching for them online! I am remixing Nude right now and calling it “T-Shirt and Shorts”.
YOKEL ( Search is cool. Local search is useful, but rarely cool. It’s getting there, but before Yokel I hadn’t seen anything that lived up to the hype. Yokel does! Yokel allows you to search for products that are for sale in your area, so you can spend less time riding around the Bay Area looking for the right Samsung TV that you want to replace the one that was stolen from your house but had to go to 5 stores to get t because no-one had it in stock and you wasted 6 hours of your life. It also lets you find other products, too. Search for any product you want to buy and then go pick it up locally!

INTERACTIVE SEAT BUDDY ( Ever buy tickets online and have to guess at the views for the seats you picked out? No more guessing; watch a video from that seat for yourself! Someone sent this along last week and I checked it out and LOVED it! Yes; it only shows 3 or 4 venues right now, but this will certainly catch on and become a tool for the near-future. I will always know what seats I have for every Pearl Jam show for the rest of my life! Whoo hoo!

VIBRANT NATION ( The women 50+ demographic is definitely under-served online, but are an important part of the commerce-wielding world, so why not create a site that caters to their needs? Well, someone did. Vibrant Nation is an advice and Q&A site for women 50+. The model is simple and easily mirrored for any other demo, so let’s see how this idea expands!

MUSESTORM ( MuseStorm presents the professional way to widget. A new way to easily build, publish and manage widgets. The world is fast becoming full of widgets but that doesn’t mean they will be going away anytime soon. Widgets are here to stay, so let’s take them and put them to use for the forces of good! Or at least for a good marketing role. Call me WidgetMaster!

KENSHOO ( This SEM technology is coming across the pond from the UK where it’s being used to fully and completely automate search campaigns. I know search is an effective tool for marketers, and so do you, but it can be a time intensive effort to manage, right? Not with this type of tool. Check it out, and get a demo. You won’t be disappointed.

SLIDESHARE ( I still can’t figure out who came up with this idea and I REALLY can’t figure out what goes through the mind of the people who post their presentations here, but if you are going to give away this info, then I am going to take it!

Wow. That was a lot this week. I feel like I was REALLY busy! Well, if you get a moment when you’re all done reading the Round Up, check out my new blog at Oh – and don’t forget this additional blog from one of my colleagues; The Oldest Living Digital Marketer Tells All at

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