Friday, April 4, 2008

PMOG: Couch Potato Gaming Gone Crazy

The traditional world of gaming is threatened... let's hope it doesn't try to fight back!

Passively Multi-Player Online Gaming (PMOG) is a new area of gaming that allows the user to embark on a "Mission" in their everyday lives. MMOG's are designated for the shoot-em-up crowd and the fantasy gaming crowd, like World of Warcraft, while PMOG's are created for you and I, the people who like to have a little fun but don't have time to spend 70 hrs a week trying to get to the "next level". It's a passive existence, sort of like being a Couch Potato!

The concept is simple; you download a plug-in that allows you to see any of the various Missions that people have created and left behind by layering what are referred to as "Lightposts" over the existing web. It's sort of like putting a "gel" over a light that makes the light red or blue or yellow and everything that light shines on is colored in that way.

These Lightposts signify that someone has created a Mission on this site and it can be as simple as visiting a series of sites to reviewing specific pages, typing in search terms and embarking on a scavenger hunt online! These Lightposts are little invitations to play the game and whether you decide to play or not is completely up to you.

I read about these in Wired and then went online to check out some more info about them. Some of the best places for the info are as follows:
Check it out and see what the soon-to-be-hyped world is all about!

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