Monday, June 30, 2008

Vampires = Bad Sales People

Ever seen Interview With The Vampire or read the book? Its a great book, and the movie... Well... The movie sort of sucks, to be honest (no pun intended).

I was thinking about the book and I realized there are parallels between the story and online ad sales people. In thinking about this relationship I came to realize that Vampires can suck the life out of people and so can poor Sales Reps.

A bad Sales Rep will sit and talk AT you rather than engage IN a discussion. They will enter a room with an agenda, in much the same way a Vampire does. The Vampire is looking for blood. The Sales Rep is looking for money. Both will take over a situation, with the Vampire raising its victim off the ground and sucking the blood from their neck. A poor Sales Rep will take over the meeting and commandeer the discussion, not listening to what the media planner's needs are but rather trying to push their products above all else.

Of course, you can't stop a poor Sales Rep with garlic. Or can you???

No - a Vampire is the only creature adversely affected by garlic.

A poor Sales Rep can be cured, unlike a Vampire. A poor Sales Rep can change and become a good Sales Rep simply by listening first and tailoring the discussion to the person or persons they are talking to. Listen first, speak second. That is the mantra of a good Sales Rep.

So next time you enter a room with an agenda and you want to make your point get across, take a deep breath, sit back and ask a question first. You'll feel much better about the interaction and I am pretty sure you'll book more business in the long run.

Or else, watch this clip!

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