Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Are You A Cewebrity?

I made up this word last week and I like it. I use it to describe someone who has created a personality or some sort of following in the digital space. Perez Hilton is a Cewebrity. Arianna Huffington is a Cewebrity. Harry Knowles is a Cewebrity.

These folks are taste-makers and opinion leaders. They influence the masses by being a conduit for the cool or the uncool and they have built up rabid followings of people online. Arianna Huffington regularly bleeds over into the offline world as a result of her opinions and views.
Sometimes these Cewebrities are just glorified paparazzi with an easy outlet to post their opinions and views. In some cases these are the lowest common denominator for the American audience, which unfortunately can lead to dumb-down the masses, but with a self-publishing format such as the web, this is a price we have to pay.

Cewebrities are tech savvy. They know how to get their message into the marketplace. They know how to leverage blog tracking tools to get eyeballs. They know how to leverage Digg and Delicious. They know about Feedburner and Blog Catalog. They know what it takes and they are certainly not afraid!

If you put in the time and you work really hard, you too can become a Cewebrity. It just takes some time and a topic that you think someone, somewhere will be interested in. Give it a shot and become a member of the media overnight!

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