Friday, June 20, 2008

The Round-Up Volume 1, Issue 7: Knock knock. Who’s there? The Round Up!!

Welcome to “The Round-Up”, where we aggregate together a selection of the most innovative and exciting companies that we’ve uncovered over the last two weeks!! At Digital Influentials, we find the best of the best and let you sort out the rest!

Our goal is nothing but letting you know what new ideas we’ve seen in our travels through the wonderful world of online marketing and let you determine for yourself if you want more information! Once in awhile one of the companies may be a client of ours at Catalyst:SF, but if they are we promise to let you know right away so as not to lead anyone on in an inappropriate manner. We take the line between editorial and marketing as a very distinct separation and we know you do too! In most cases our featurettes are just companies who’ve contacted us and we liked them or who we’ve been introduced to and who we felt were worthy of vetting out for you! If you come across a cool new company or something that the list should know about, please drop us a line and let us know at

Oh – and one more thing! If you write a blog, please send us your RSS information to We want to hear what you’re up to and increase the network of The Digital Influentials!

Let’s get right into it, shall we…?

Do you ever get stuck in a brainstorm and just can’t get any further? Search no more for the right kind of icebreaker… check out MOODSTREAM ( The site is a beautiful mix of images and music designed to spur your inner genius. I played with this for 25 minutes and came up with some really cool creations (which is impressive because I’m color blind and design challenged all at the same time). Once in awhile you get a pop-up that reminds you these are images for purchase, so it’s actually a lead generation tool for Getty, but I don’t seem to mind seeing as how they gave me something to do with all my spare time!

Speaking of spare time, do you spend time on the phone? Do you ever wish that your social network was mapped to your phone? Well wish no more! SKYDECK ( has it all figured out! Skydeck builds a map of the people you call, the people you don’t call and the people who need to call you back, all in the hopes of keeping your network fresh and vital. The implications of a company like this are pretty amazing and I’m surprised that no-one has jumped on this bandwagon yet!

Speaking of your phone, how much do you spend on your phone bill? Do you ever get the feeling that you spend too much? If so, check out BILLSHRINK ( BillShrink takes the entire complicated math behind what plans you should use and recommends the right plan for you. In an age where every dollar is becoming a valued asset, saving money on everyday services like your phone is a smart idea!

And if you really needed a shot in the arm to spur some creativity, check out this link to BMW’s GINA concept car ( This is an example of a company taking a bold, new approach to recreating a stagnant concept; the automobile. I can’t say I discovered this all on my own. I had some help from COOLHUNTER ( I discovered this site and I love the ideas they bring to the front, so check them out! How did I live without it! For those of us who aren’t cool, we need sites like this!

That’s it for today. The Digital Influentials will be taking next issue off for the 4th of July week and a much needed summer vacation, so keep an eye out for our return in the middle of July!

And please don’t forget to drop us a note and let us know what cool ideas, companies and sites you come across over the next couple of weeks!


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