Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Today's Featured Blog: TopRankBlog

There are lots and lots of marketing blogs out there so I thought that I might take some time to highlight a few of the ones that I like this week.

The first one I felt like writing about is TopRankBlog. The blog is very straight forward and it's well written. There are a few bloggers that write in this location, but one of the folks who writes the most is Lee Odden. He recaps conferences and various discussions in a quick and timely manner and his information is solid. There are a few other writers on the site, but I like his posts the most (not to knock the rest, these are just the ones that stand out).

Oh - and they love to take pictures. Pictures always add to a blog, unlike mine which is a statement of how lazy I get and that i never take pictures. maybe i should start and more people will read my blog :-)

Anyways, check them out when you have time.

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