Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How Do You Read Buzz?

Reading, measuring and reacting to online buzz for brands is an extremely invaluable tool. The fact that so many people are talking about your brand and discussing your brand without your knowledge can scare some people but only because they aren't a part of the conversation. If you're involved in the conversation you welcome any feedback, even negative feedback, because at least you then have the chance to respond.

It's not possible to be involved in them all, but there are a number of tools and services that allow you to track them. I can't make any judgement in this post as to who you should use because each of them has some strengths and weaknesses, but overall it depends on the amount and type of information you are looking for as well as the time you are willing to invest in reading and reacting to this information.

If you want to peek at some of the companies, check out this list here. All of them are really strong:

Beyond Analysis






Nielson Buzz Metrics






Sentiment Metrics

If you've used any of them and you have some feedback, post a comment and let me know. I would love to hear what you think of them.

Happy hunting.


Joseph Fiore said...

Hello Cory,

Thanks for the mention of our RepuTrace™ service.

To provide some quick reference points for readers of your blog who may be reviewing vendors like ours, the one major departure between our firm and other vendors that track buzz is that we combine machine montoring with human review, and all our tiers of service include a layer of human interpretation to perform what we refer to as "precision monitoring."

This means that we will not only find every mention across blogs, forums, message boards, social networks (ie. facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), consumer sites, gripe sites, videos and images, but it also means that the buzz we track and capture for our clients will be completely relevant to our clients monitoring objectives.

The human review element is a key factor in smart filtering, and greatly enhances our "risk alerts" platform - a trigger-based alerting system which identifies posts of a risk nature and notifies our clients in a manner which provides advanced warning on posts that can make or break a brand. For instance, our risk interpretation platform has quickly become an integral part in keeping our clients apprised of important "eco-topics" (discussions where Web audiences are deciding whether your business is friend or foe to the environment).

In addition to capturing and storing all online incidents in an easy to use online console/dashboard, the posts are organized and scored by sentiment, geography, discussion type, and we offer machine translation in over 20 languages. Real-time trending and graphing on all available metrics allow clients to follow patterns of online behaviour which can inform communication and outreach strategies.

And while our depth of sourcing is second to none, another key element to consider in scouring online mentions is that our monitoring system automatically blocks out splogs, bloatware, spam, malware, worms and viruses. We identify, quarantine and protect our clients from any malware posts. When possible, posts are also reported to appropriate service providers to ensure they don't appear in search results. It is also worth mentioning that all our tiers of service also include an inbuilt SEO platform which maximizes our clients "positive" search results and ranking to ensure that fair and impartial information is properly positioned.

We encourage readers of your blog who may be looking to track mentions of their brands and reputations to contact us or to schedule a free online demonstration if they would like to see RepuTrace™ in action.

Thanks again,


leon said...

Hi Cory,
Thanks very much for mentioning us. We are doing alot of work with global brands, and global PR agnencies at this time.

Our strengths are in our analytics. Just providing data is not enough, customers want insight and answers they can quickly deal with.

We also provide a white label solution for agencies and support team working and collaboration.

We welcome people to sign up to our free trial


Thanks again for mentioning us

Leon Chaddock