Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Shift Towards On-Demand

If you think about it, consumer culture has been steadily shifting towards an on-demand world for the last thirty years. The VCR, which launched some 25 years ago, was the first step in on-demand content delivery. The web was the first digital step in delivering content to the consumer when they wanted it and was followed by TiVo and the advent of the personal video recorder. Now with the development of a portable digital storage device which is highly popular in the culture and linked to numerous methods of playback, on-demand content is about to take another dramatic step forward. It is the opportunity for on-demand content to be mobile and flexible. This is something the VCR was not-so-good-at.

Being able to download content from the web is big, and the interface for general consumer acceptance of this model is very big, but making that content portable and removing it from the confines of the computer is where the strength of the strategy truly lies. These devices are all equipped to playback on other output devices. There are simple adapters you can buy which allow you to play the video on your iPod over a TV and computer screens are getting larger and higher in quality, making your TV almost obsolete in the first place.

So if it really is this important, why aren't you advertising in downloadable media yet?

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