Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Interesting Prediction from Jon Fine

I recently got around to catching up on the articles I missed and this one from Jon Fine was interesting because of the last prediction regarding a shadow media industry.

I love predictions regarding media that refer to the ingenuity of the people involved. The whole reason our business has grown year over year, even in the face of 2-3 recessions, is because of entrepreneurialism. Jon is correct; there will be a shadow business, but i think he underestimates it. I think it is always there. There are always the folks who leave companies to start new ones and this recession is nothing short of an opportunity. The opportunity to explore new ideas.

Jon is a very good writer and I have had the pleasure of grabbing breakfast once with him, so i applaud the call out of the idea of a shadow industry.

The only one i disagree with is that will get sold by the NY Times. About is the only profitable portion of their business right now and I don't think they can afford to sell it off. It is what is keeping them afloat!

Happy New Year Jon! Keep writing the good word!

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