Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are You Lost Watching LOST?

I know it can be very hard to figure out what's going on with LOST, but the new season should clear that right up (yeah, right).

This article from Entertainment Weekly is interesting to me.

I have been and will be a fan of the show through the end, but it also tickles my media bone because they do such a great job of using digital to foster buzz. The hidden videos, the alternative reality games and the fan fiction they inspire are amazing ways of resurfacing all that interest and intrigue that has been lying dormant since last season. Plus all the blogs and chats about what is going on have been re-invigorated as a result of the scenes and hints about the new episodes. I had not been thinking about LOST at all until the last few days and now I'm really excited. Time to go back and watch the last season again!

Lots of people are in the same boat as me, and we'll all be watching to find out what happens!

Cheers to LOST!

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