Saturday, January 3, 2009

Will Nintendo Create A Cell Phone?

Why not, right? The idea was posed in a Mediapost article and I think it has merit. I wouldn't be surprised to see them come out with a handheld platform that combines gaming and telephony. Other folks are working on it, so why shouldn't they be doing so, as well?

They are are easily just as inventive as Apple. They are as well poised and Apple cannot be the only company that is known for innovative designs. There has to be more to the story. There needs to be some competition.

Could happen. Let's chat again in 6 months.

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Propeller Head said...

I will say that in 6 months Nintendo will be no closer to a phone than they are now. I'll say the same thing for 12 and 24. I think a phone is way too far outside of their core competency. Could they bring people on to help do it? Sure. How long will that take? Go back and read the stories on the creation of the iPhone. It takes a long, long time. If you rush, you get David Pogue tearing apart your creation, ala the Blackberry Storm.