Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Little Primer on QR Codes

If you don't know what a QR Code is, then you need to do some homework because I think they are sort of important. A QR Code looks like a bar code, but more pixelated. It is a matrix design that can be read digitally and used to trigger the delivery of information in many formats. They are being used more widely now as a tool for creating interaction on a mobile campaign.

Ralph Lauren is using them this month in ads in and in its catalog. The trick is to take a picture of a code and SMS it and receive coupons or valuable information. It delivers on a promise of mobile that the Cue Cat never could.

They look a little techie, but I do anticipate that they are going to get more wide-spread usage very, very soon. They can be used on billboards too, giving a modicum of measurement to outdoor advertising.

For some light reading, check out these links below:

A video to explain how it works.

A detail from another blogger.

Have fun reading!!

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