Monday, September 22, 2008

Art vs. Science Redux

I tend to think about advertising in terms of Art vs. Science quite a bit and I write about it just as much. This post I want to think a little more about this topic.

One way to think about it is that Art is the planning and creative development whereas the Science is in the numbers; the analytics, the optimization and the measurement of the performance of a campaign. When art and science merge effectively, you are pretty much guaranteed to be effective.

Much conversation has taken place as to whether you can have both. I'm starting to devise some thinking that, just possibly, science is analogous to advertising and art is analogous to marketing.

Advertising is increasingly being held to standards for performance such as click through and conversion and cost per action. Most of the banner buys and search campaigns online can be monitored for immediate performance and there's a large amount of companies that provide technology that addresses these metrics. Advertising can be measured more easily...

Marketing, on the other hand, is an art that can sometimes be measured on immediacy but is more importantly developed on "feel" or measured on a delayed action. I find marketing to something created to impact sales whereas advertising is created to drive immediate sales and be 100% attributable. Marketing as more forgiveness and is focused on the longer term results!

It's just the beginning of a distinction and it might not be 100% correct, but I will let you know what I'm thinking as we go forward! Stay tuned!

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