Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some More Mobile Nuggets

These came from a series of posts and responses that i was reading recently. There's lots of good info in here to use for those of you looking to measure mobile advertising or plan to launch campaigns in it...

  • In the US in 2008, iPhone accounted for 32% of mobile ads worldwide, 46% of mobile ad placements in US, more than other smartphone OSes combined
  • There are around 1billion PCs worldwide (Forrester)There are around 4 billion mobile cellular subscribers (ITU/cellular-news) - note, doesn't mean they have Internet access.
  • By 2012, the number of devices accessing the Internet will double to more than 3 billion, half of which will be mobile devices.(IDC)
  • To many people in the world their "handheld device" *is* their computer and some countries see over 100% penetration (many mobile devices per person)

Hope these are helpful!

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