Monday, February 9, 2009

The Round-Up Volume 1, Issue 19: Accountability, Addressability & the Round-Up!

This week’s edition of The Round-Up is focused on two words; accountability and addressability. These two words define the direction for web-based businesses in the coming months and we wanted to explore some of the companies and services that may come in handy for those of you looking for solutions!

As the economy continues to display the need for financial Ritalin to stimulate some form of stability and position ourselves for growth over the coming years, we’re afforded the opportunity to retrench and revisit the challenges we face for growth. As many advertisers and marketers are re-trenching, they’re focusing their budgets against the proven methods that work and the methods that drive results. This translates to a renewed focus on more direct forms of response-oriented marketing.

Branding dollars have been fighting a Sisyphean battle for legitimacy online for years and this recession may be the straw that broke the camel’s back! Brands want response and generating “awareness” won’t cut it anymore! Marketers want accountability and businesses want revenue. It’s a buyer’s market right now, so publishers are bending over backwards to secure longer term deals with advertisers and lock in partners that can drive sustainable revenue. Marketers are exploring new and innovative technologies that can improve performance and meet the needs for growth. This edition we explore some of these tools and services:

If you’re looking for new ways to leverage data to drive response, check out MEDIAMATH ( and MEDIA6DEGREES ( MediaMath appears to take a set of data from search and marry it with behavior to target audience and drive results. Media 6 Degrees takes data from the social graph and applies it to behavior to generate a stronger ROI. Both profess to work for brands, but I would argue the best use is for brands that want to measure ROI, not just awareness.

Speaking of social media, since everyone wants to find out how to monetize this ever-increasing category of online, OFFERPAL MEDIA ( is quickly be on the way to building the de-facto standard for creating “managed offer” programs in social media. If you want to monetize your social media audience, whether it’s a game or a survey or anything else that’s generating interest, OfferPal Media can provide a solution that works.

And just in case you aren’t advertising in social media, but you know your brand is there, check out TRACKUR ( TrackUr provides you with a tool to measure and monitor your online reputation in social media. Understanding what consumers think of your products will help you create and deliver messages that resonate, thereby driving better results!

Maybe you’re looking to explore online video as a means of generating response but the costs for creative development are too high for your tastes? Check out MIXPO ( Mixpo provides a way of creating, managing and measuring online video ads easily for either a publisher or an advertiser. Video is still growing and becoming more commonplace every day, so your advertising necessitates you explore these and other creative outlets.

If you’re a publisher and you’re looking to retain audience, you need to tailor the experience to the individual and there’s no better way to do that than through localized, targeted content. The simplest way to provide that kind of content is through EVENTFUL ( The service provides publishers a way to target their audience with local content. It seems easy enough to use and the results are great!

As for the iPhone this week, a couple of apps to check out (though they may not fit the idea of accountability or addressability but are just plan interesting)…
TOUCHPHYSICS came to me by way of Joe Jaffe and I am instantly addicted. CONCERT VAULT from Wolfgang’s Vault is a must have for the music lover. And for those of you who are comic book lovers, check out Marvel’s IRON MAN: AERIAL ASSAULT.

Thanks for reading… now get back to work!

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