Friday, March 21, 2008

Accidental Branding: Accidentally Interesting!!

I was sent a request to read some excerpts from an upcoming book by a PR woman working with David Vinjamuri on his new book, called "Accidental Branding". I am typically skeptical when someone asks me to write about something and I tend not to do it simply because they asked (too much like pay-per-post), but I was intrigued enough by the title to read some of the excerpts and I accidentally came across something interesting!

The book chapters I perused were interesting accounts of the life of a few entrepreneurs and how they built their brands in an accidental fashion. The focus is on the idea and its relevance to a consumer rather than an overt attempt to create a brand. Old marketing applies, but is implemented in a new marketing way through viral means rather than ad spend and assertive growth.

Craig Newmark of Craigslist was one of focused-upon people and his chapter was of the most interest because I've met Craig in the past and he is a very interesting fellow who also came up with a brilliantly simple concept waaaay back in the early Internet which has continued to grow and thrive, regardless of the fact that there are no apparent updates at all. Craigslist has spawned a whole industry of copycats, even companies like Yelp and MySpace to some extent wouldn't exist without Craigslist. The chapter provides some insight and personal humanity to an idea that effects our everyday lives, but previously lacked a personal a feel for me. In the respect alone, I think the book is worth reading.

Check it out when it comes out (sometime in the next month or so).

OK... back to working on digital stuff, rather than books.

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