Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Digital Influentials Volume 1, Issue 9: The Rad 80’s Issue (for more info, please call 867-5309)

The theme this week is a simple one; the 80’s. From time to time I get bored, and when I get bored I can get just a little bit creative. I also tend to listen to music when I get bored, but that goes without saying since I’m pretty much always listening to music!

This week’s issue of the Digital Influentials newsletter finds me pining for the 80’s; when life was simpler and the Internet didn’t even exist. Those were the days when the phrase “kilroy was here” meant something and “love is a battlefield” ruled the airwaves! It could be that way once again, if you “don’t stop believin’” in the “power of love” (ok, ok – stop me if this is getting too cheesy). So with that, I deliver this week’s newsletter; and please know that (everything I do), I do it for you, the readers ;-)

Let’s “rock this town” kids!

If you’re looking to say something, but would rather “save it for later”, then check out TWEETLATER (http://www.socialoomph.com/). Tweetlater comes to us from Mark Silva, who is also a fan of the 80’s (we hope). TweetLater allows you to schedule tweets for a later date, like when you’re on vacation or when you know you won’t be available and you don’t want to leave your faithful hanging! Twittering can be a full time job, but at least this way you can get ahead of the curve a bit.

If you think “we got the beat” on that one, then just wait till you hear about AARDVARK (http://vark.com/). Aardvark is an IM crowd sourcing tool for getting the answer to just about any question. Do you want to know who played the Reverend in “footloose”? Ask away. Ever wanted to know how to avoid the noid? Just ask! The answers come to you via email, and you can sign up to answer questions that come to you via IM. It’s a unique little service and one that could certainly gain some traction cross-platform.

Looking to get away? Maybe take a “holiday”? Then check out SKY AUCTION (http://www.skyauction.com/) for more deals than you know what to do with. It’s another auction site for travel, which is certainly not a new idea, but the volume of opportunities is quite impressive. It makes you want to “walk like an Egyptian”, in a manner of speaking!

“Rock me Amadeus” (sorry, that just slipped out from nowhere).

From the world of the iPhone, check out GALAGA REMIX for some time wastin’ fun or dive head first into AWESOME 80’s PRO to relive those days of yore when you got your first Trapper Keeper. And for some humor, check out the YO MAMA joke app. It could be hours of fu… or not.

So with that I will bid a fond adieu, but “don’t you (forget about me)” when you find that new site or service of interest! Send it in to us so we can let other people know all about it! That is the kind of user interaction that reminds me of “what I like about you”.

Have a great one!

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