Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Round-Up Volume 1, Issue 23: April Showers Bring… The Round Up!

As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers”, and things to do around the house! It’s that wonderful time of the year where most people undergo a spiritual and material cleansing. If you’re anything like me, you rummage through your closets and dump out the unbelievably cluttered drawers of your house and uncover all those little useless items you’ve been hoarding since 1992. You donate old clothes to Goodwill and you make space for all the new useless stuff you’re going to hold onto for the coming months! In my specific case, you’re finding space to put all the baby-related items that you’ll need in just 4 weeks when our son, our first baby, will be born!

The reason I decided this edition of The Round Up would use the “Spring Cleaning” theme, other than a shameless act of self-promotion for our baby, is because the sites and services we uncovered seemed to flow in the sense they uncovered new information and make room for organizing! Wonder how that might work out? Well read on…!

The first little organization tool we uncovered was XOBNI ( If you use Outlook, and I know you do, Xobni plugs in and adds a layer of information that is actually quite interesting. It can surf LinkedIn to add pictures and information on the people who are emailing you as well as Facebook for similar information and it can access Hoovers to allow you to pull up company information, too. Think email’s too slow? Skype directly from your inbox and reach out and talk to someone! It could be a way to clean out your inbox and make your connections that much smarter!

Are you considering taking your spring cleaning to “the next level”? Why not visit CALFINDER ( CalFinder does more than the name implies and it provides a resource for you to find local remodeling contractors so you can do those long-awaited changes to your home. They’re deep in many areas of the US, far beyond California. You just pick a project, enter some information and get connected direct! How much easier could it be to get that bathroom remodel done and ready for the summer months!

In the area of marketing, spring cleaning always refers to that time of year when your clients are looking for “something new and innovative”. For a quick and dirty solution, check out INVOLVER ( Involver provides a platform for syndicating, managing and targeting a viral video offering. You know your clients want viral video, so just go and do it already J. There’s nothing that says “spring cleaning” like a viral video (I know, that barely makes any sense, but I had to try).

In the iPhone Apps world, check out THINGS which provides a great, simple and easy “to-do” list functionality. GROCERIES, the grocery shopping app that makes going to the store a little more organized. There weren’t too many others we found this week because we were taking the time to clean out our apps section, just like those drawers in our house!

Now make sure you go see your significant other and give them a big hug! Spring cleaning is also the time of the year to get your priorities straight and family is always the top priority, even over this influential newsletter J

Happy Spring!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad Xobni has caught on. Maybe Outlook will include it as standard? Outlook Track-It also lives up to the hype. This is a small toolbar plugin for Outlook 2007 that actually can send you followup email reminders so you don't miss a reply. As a student of GTD, I rate this highly.