Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Fact Is...

The fact is that we have no idea what to prepare for. People are all over the place in regards to their forecasts for online advertising. That is pretty much the gist of this article from The Economist.

Next year (2009) and the following year (2010) are pretty much up for grabs and I wish we would stop trying to outdo one another with our doom and gloom predictions. The simple fact of the matter is that things are probably not going to be much better for awhile, but here are some other simple facts:

a. Online advertising is about accountability, which is a feather in our cap. (+)

b. The inauguration of a new President is always a positive effect. (+)

c. There are no large scale guarantees on advertising this year. (-)

d. The auto industry is screwed. (-)

e. We are already at least a year into the recession. (+)

f. Everything that has come before has no impact on what is happening now. (-)

If you want to see the economy pick up and our country get stronger then you need to be smart. We need to create jobs in alternative fuels and consumer confidence needs to increase again. Banks should become stable and Detroit should radically redo their landscape. Then, just maybe, things will start to get better. Until then, stop feeding the flames and do what you can do!

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