Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Digital Influentials Volume 2, Issue 11: Geeks Unite! The Geek Edition Is Here!

What do you think of when you think of the word “geek”? Many years ago the word conjured images ranging from pocket protectors and video games to 30-somethings living in their parent’s basement. Today the word applies to a far wider range of products and services because the geeks have taken over the world! Being a geek is no longer something to hide from. It’s a badge of strength and independence. At least that’s what the geeks I know keep telling me!

For real though, being a geek means that you’re passionate about something and not afraid to share it. Maybe its Star Wars, maybe it’s comic books or maybe it’s music like Pearl Jam (wait… I love all 3… I’M A GEEK)! Whatever it is, this edition is dedicated to you! Read on true believers!

You can’t start a discussion of geeks without first mentioning THINKGEEK ( ThinkGeek provides all the stuff you need to live the geek lifestyle. From a collection of your favorite nerdy t-shirts to a lifelike Tauntaun sleeping bag complete with removable innards. These guys have got what you want, and they’ve grown a nice sized business catering to this audience (umm, that’s you guys).

In case you can’t quite find exactly what you want from ThinkGeek, then check out X-TREME GEEK ( The site may not be as pretty, but these guys are doing something right! The site proves its own worthiness just by selling the Laser Airzooka, which blows a big blast of air at your target. Useful gadget that is (spoken in Yoda grammar)!

Maybe you don’t need a t-shirt to proclaim your kinship to the geek nation, you just want to live the life? Then you probably already know about HOW TO GEEK ( These guys are practically a roadmap for how to geek out. Sample article; how to change the boot-up screen on your Macbook (because that’s top on the list of things I have to do in my spare-time). Spend 10 minutes on this site and become the envy of your friends in the Sunday Dungeons & Dragons club.

You may not always consider alternative music the soundtrack of the geeks, but you can definitely geek out on it, which is where SHUFFLER ( comes into play. Shuffler is for music geeks what Pandora is for everyone else. It’s a virtual radio station that combs through music blogs to create streams of audio content, surfacing new music based on the marketplace. It’s cool from my opinion, which is the opinion of a music geek.

The last site this week is one near and dear to my geeky heart because I’m helping launch it (so please excuse the shameless self-promotion). Check out why LIFE DOESN’T SUCK ( as a place for you to be reminded of all the cool things in life that don’t suck. It’s not just a site for geeks, but it comes from a geeky place in our hearts.

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you might be a geek if you own these apps…

FREEBIRD – lets you show off your virtual lighter at concerts.

CRICKETS BUTTON – for when the conversation gets a little light.

LIGHTSABER – for dueling with a Sith Lord.

That’s it this week – enjoy the links and enjoy yourself and those around you!

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