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MEDIAPOST: The Nine Most Overlooked Elements Of Digital Marketing

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Today is sponsored by the number “nine”, just like back when I was a kid and glued to Sesame Street in the morning! It’s September 9th, 2009; 9.9.09. If you’re feeling lucky or your favorite number is nine, then this is definitely your day! If you’re a digital marketer, this could also be your lucky day because in celebration of the number nine I wanted to bring up the nine most overlooked elements of digital marketing.

It can be difficult to stay on top of everything if you’re a digital marketer; there’s arguably no medium with as many moving parts as this. With all the moving parts, you can tend to overlook some of the most important elements, but here they are for your viewing pleasure!

The 9 most overlooked elements of digital marketing are (in no particular order):

Mobile Search

Mobile search is fast becoming one of the most important components of mobile marketing. Search is becoming integrated into every mobile device, whether it be through applications, built into the phone itself or through voice, and more and more users are tapping into it daily. Local search is even more important as people want to know what’s around them and find information on the go. Not many marketers are actively looking at mobile search, but in many cases companies like Google are packaging it together with other ad buys so you may be using it already and not even know it. I’d check it out if I were you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is still one of the most scalable, most efficient means of building your business online. Whether you’re looking to drive traffic, acquire customer information or generate sales, a strong affiliate strategy can do wonders but it gets overlooked a lot because it’s not sexy. Affiliate marketing used to be sexy; back in the days of Amazon and CDNow ruling the web. The Netscape Now button started it all off with a bang, and someone is going to revolutionize the business very soon, but in the meantime I wouldn’t continue to overlook this behemoth of performance.

Banners (really!)

I know, I know. “Banners are dead” and all that. I never said it, some other folks did. Banners are not dead and they still make up the lion’s share of the online marketing budgets. They drive awareness, they drive interaction and they drive loads of business every day. Banners will have a place in your marketing efforts as long as your keyboard does!

Commerce and eTail Sites

Many people forget about the benefits of advertising on etail sites like Amazon and These sites offer huge reach, targeted placements to actual shoppers and access to lots and lots of behavioral information. They may not do heavy integration or it might cost you a lot to consider, but standard ads on these sites can move product!


I tried to remind everyone of this a few weeks back and many of you read it and got the message, but it is worth repeating. Our business is driven by relationships so never overlook the people you talk to on a daily basis as they can be your best source of ideas and information!

Digital Outdoor

Digital outdoor is overlooked because too many people are confused as to who is responsible for implementing it. In some cases the digital agency handles it and in some cases the outdoor shop is in control, but in either case it can offer a highly targeted, regionalized opportunity that is scalable and highly impactful.


Research is the basis for everything we do and there are lots of great companies and great tools that offer valuable insights into the behaviors of the digital audience. They are all in the same boat; looking to bring business into the category. They work with you and they are willing to go deep to prove a point, so use them!


When was the last time you spent a session discussing your email and eCRM strategy? Those of us who spend all day online are quite cynical about out inbox as a marketing tool, but every day brands sell products and make money by email and your competition is probably doing it very well, so maybe you should be too!


The rule of the day is this; not everything is cheap. I am one of the biggest culprits when it comes to pushing on pricing, but I also recognize when something is of more value. I know when a special opportunity may command a premium and that is just being fair, so be sure you are evaluating all options from the same point.

So that’s the lesson for today – don’t forget them and don’t forget to play some roulette this evening and put it all on nine!


Pricing (not everything is cheap)

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