Thursday, July 30, 2009

Digital Influentials Volume 1, Issue 2: Greetings From Oahu, Hawaii!

It’s summertime and the time is right, for dancing in the street!

I heard that line in a song the other day and I decided that I’d go on vacation with the family, but just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean I can’t still send out the Digital Influential’s column and keep everyone up to date on the newest, best and brightest of the web! It does mean, however, that I can keep the intro short and sweet so I can get back to the Hawaiian sun! Shall we…?

Let’s start this edition with JAM GLUE ( Jam Glue is for fun and for satisfying your inner-Moby. Just upload some music or pick someone else’s music to remix. Create a mix and share it with friends or the rest of the Jam Glue community. Back in the day when The Postal Service created their first album by sending tapes back and forth, this was a novelty concept but nowadays it’s as common as a Death Cab for Cutie song on The Hills. Ben Gibbard must be kicking himself right now (I just wish I could write songs as catchy as his).

Now, back to work and using a wonderful tool called SOCIAL SEEK ( Social Seek is a unique application that loads on your desktop and allows you to keep tabs on your favorite brands. You type in a brand and it trolls Twitter, blogs, online videos and images for any and all mentions of your brand, also allowing you to add filters that can provide insight into tone or related keywords. A quick test for some of my favorite brands was very enlightening!

Are you ever searching for just the right kind of wisdom? Well search no more; you can follow the smartest historical figures via Twitter with iWISE ( iWise allows you to follow your famous historical figures and read their tweets of wisdom, just as if they were alive! Of course, I immediately got confused because I started following Bob Dylan, but I’m pretty sure he’s still alive and may even be Twittering himself. I then decided to follow David Ogilvy, just to see what I was missing.

Since I started following David Ogilvy, I decided to see if there was another advertising site out there with good information, strong editorial and one that I wasn’t already reading, so I stumbled upon NEW MEDIA AGE ( It’s UK-based, but don’t let that fool you; its chock full of information that’s also relevant on this side of the pond. The heart of wisdom lies in understanding the opinions of others and formulating your own informed point of view, and reading a site like this is certainly a step in the right direction!

As for the wonderful world of the iPhone; check out a company called ZUMOBI ( They introduced themselves to me recently and are doing some very cool things on the iPhone platform. Definitely worth a peek for the stuff they’ve done for The Today Show and others.

If you just want to play (and it’s summer after all, so why not find some time to play with your brand spanking new iPhone 3G S), check out THE SIMS 3, BASEBALL SUPERSTARS or TOWER BLOXX. Fun for hours and a way to forget the stress of the day!

Now it’s back to the beach on my sunny vacation in Hawaii. I hope you get the time to sit back and relax as well – see you in a week!


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