Monday, May 18, 2009

The Round-Up Volume 1, Issue 24: The All Twitter Round Up (Twitter Style)

Twitter appears to be dominating the landscape of the media discussion these days, and that’s no easy task given everything that’s going on out there, but with close to 1100% growth year over year you can’t blame it. In just the last week I noticed Twitter being written about it Sports Illustrated and Time magazine and every major news channel now has a Twitter promotion on TV, driving people to follow them online. Celebrities and academics alike are using the platform to connect with their audience and even brands are starting to do interesting things with the platform. So, in honor of Twitter, this week’s Round Up from the Digital Influentials is a Twitter-centric edition, with all of the reviews in Twitter format, of course!

If you manage multiple Twitter accounts, check TWHIRL ( Simple desktop app- Simple solution for complex management.

TWEETSCAN ( Twitter search, since search on Twitter isn’t so simple. See a search cloud for research, too.

Share files on Twitter with TWEETCUBE ( Excel, PPT, Word or whatever you desire can now be shared via microblog.

Want to postpone your pithy posts? Use TWEETLATER ( build a queue of tweets to post later (like the name says).

Use TWEETBEEP ( to receive alerts when your key words are being tweeted. Like Google Alerts, only Twitter-focused.

To graph the popularity of terms in the twitter-verse, check out TWEET VOLUME ( Compare 5 terms to see stats!

Want to know who you should be following on Twitter, check out WHO SHOULD I FOLLOW ( ‘Nuff said.

Writing a blog and want to auto-post to Twitter? Check out TWITTERFEED ( Multiple platforms made easy.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of Twitter tools that can be used for any purpose in this dynamically evolving environment. Of course, part of what makes Twitter so interesting is the way that it merges mobile and the web, with so many people updating their Tweets from their phones. So for the iPhone crowd, check out:

TWITTERTREND shows you what everyone else is doing on Twitter. TWITTERRIFIC is a popular Twitter client, but I use TWITTELATOR. TWITTERPICS allows you to search for pictures in Twitter.

Now go and have fun with the Twitter, and tell them the Digital Influentials sent ya!

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